Benchmark scoring and insights

Kyzen utilizes a proprietary benchmark scoring algorithm that calculates how each community performs for critical leasing and marketing functions. You also get timely and relevant recommendations on what to focus on so your community can achieve the most improvement.

Portfolio level reporting

See how the communities in your portfolio stack up against one another with side-by-side portfolio level reporting. Never has it been this easy to pull, analyze and export all leasing performance data for your entire portfolio.

All your marketing and leasing data in one place

Through key integrations with your property management software and more, we have done all of the hard work for you by bringing all the leasing and marketing data you need into one easy to find place. Reports and account access can be shared with stakeholders at each level of your organization.

Track. Benchmark. Improve.

A software designed to be the heart of your digital marketing strategy.

Detailed community level reporting on only the metrics that matter.

Create portfolio or group roll-up reports to see which communities are performing well and which ones have issues.

Timely and relevant recommendations on what to focus on so your community can achieve the most improvement.

High quality user experience. Enjoy the simplest, most attractive reporting platform on the device of your preference.

Standardize your own marketing and leasing performance reporting process across your organization.

Track advertising ROI with more accurate lead and lease attribution.

What’s your website conversion rate?

As a Kyzen Analytics customer, you will have access to our best practice guidelines and receive recommendations for improving website conversion rate. Or for best results, ask us about our multifamily website platform and how, combined with Kyzen Analytics and our ad management services, we can drastically increase your online leasing performance.

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Website Platform
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