Every year, the multifamily marketing landscape evolves. Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. The focus of this post is not necessarily to cover only new trends but the trends, either new or old, that are essential to focus on as they will have a huge impact on your marketing success. Here's a glimpse into what we see as the key trends shaping the future of multifamily marketing in 2024 will be:

1. Short Video Content

The rise of platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram has revolutionized content consumption. In 2024, short video content is not just a trend; it's a necessity for multifamily marketers. These videos are perfect for showcasing properties, sharing customer testimonials, and giving a behind-the-scenes look at your community. They're engaging, easily digestible, and, most importantly, shareable, making them a powerful tool for reaching potential residents.

We encourage our client partners to develop their own processes for developing video content that can be used on organic social media and repurposed for paid ads. Most social media and advertising platforms offer free video builders utilizing your image and video assets. Other tools, such as Canva, can be utilized to develop video templates so that you can easily turn your raw videos into high-quality and extremely engaging video content.

2. Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization for your multifamily website is an example of a trend that has been around for many years, but it is still something to emphasize to ensure you are set up for success.

With an ever-increasing number of consumers using mobile devices to search for rental properties, websites must be responsive, ensuring a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets. This extends to all facets of your website experience, including the load time, navigation, and readability of content on smaller screens. In 2024, a mobile-first approach is not just advisable; it's indispensable. 

It’s easy to assume your website looks and works just as well on mobile as on larger computer screens, but that often is not the case. Make sure searching for available apartments, scheduling a tour, and applying online works how you would like it to on mobile devices by spending some extra time testing as if you were a prospective renter searching for a new home.

3. AI Marketing

AI has surely been the biggest technological advancement over the last few years in multifamily marketing and beyond. But beyond the hype, how can we utilize AI to see the biggest impact, and how do you make sure you don’t fall behind in its implementation?

Artificial intelligence can transform multifamily marketing by enabling more personalized and efficient customer interactions. AI-driven chatbots might be the most apparent initial use case, as chatbots can respond instantly to inquiries, schedule tours, and follow up with leads. 

AI can also currently be used to improve audience targeting for PPC advertising, provide predictive analytics, and automate customer journey personalization and segmentation. We are just scratching the surface of understanding what AI can do for multifamily marketing. In 2024, improving how you leverage AI will remain key to staying competitive.

4. Content Marketing and Blogging

Authentic, informative content is crucial for establishing trust and authority in the multifamily industry. Blogs that provide valuable insights, such as neighborhood guides, tips for renters, and property maintenance advice, drive traffic and help in SEO ranking.

At Dyverse, we recommend a content marketing strategy that includes the right balance of informative content with product-focused posts that drive conversions. A consistent process to share featured floor plans, units, and other special offers can help drive high-intent traffic and boost conversions.

Utilize your website, social media, and local business listings to get your message across popular marketing channels. In 2024, content marketing is more than just a way to inform; it’s a strategic tool to boost online visibility and engagement.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a cornerstone in multifamily marketing strategies despite the emergence of new digital channels. Moving forward, the focus is on personalization and automation. Emails tailored to the recipient’s interests, past interactions, and stages in the customer journey have higher engagement rates. Automation tools enable timely and relevant communication, keeping potential and current tenants engaged.

Utilizing email marketing to keep in touch with prospects and residents alike is a great way to keep in touch quickly with a targeted audience. Some great tools in multifamily, such as HyLy’s Journey AI solution, help property managers manage audience lists and create email sequences depending on an individual's stage in the customer journey. 

In conclusion, the multifamily marketing landscape moving into 2024 is as dynamic as ever and demands a multifaceted approach. We believe embracing these trends will enhance your marketing efforts and promote a deeper connection with your target audience. As we navigate this ever-changing digital world, one thing remains clear: staying adaptable and informed is the key to success in the multifamily marketing arena. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help support your 2024 goals, please subscribe to our blog and don’t hesitate to reach out.

Marketing Data & Analytics
Marketing Data & Analytics
Marketing Data & Analytics

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