Our Mission

Dyverse's mission is to be a conduit between apartment searchers looking for the new home of their dreams and high character communities across the country. We accomplish this by being the first in multifamily to build a fully integrated marketing optimization process encompassing tracking, reporting, attribution, and automation.

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Our Core Values

Dyverse’s achievements and growth to date are a result of four core values that are instilled in our company culture. These core values are what drives us.


True to our name, Dyverse was founded under the belief that diversity should be fully embraced. We strive to instill our company culture with a mixture of talents, ethnicities, interests, and backgrounds to foster creativity while also promoting inclusion and equality. We truly make our path, which is uniquely Dyverse.

Customer Service

From the beginnings of Dyverse as a small marketing services agency, we have mostly grown organically through word of mouth referrals. We are confident this is a result of an unrelenting willingness to do whatever it takes, and go above and beyond for our clients that have allowed Dyverse to be at their service.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is ingrained in our DNA. So much so that we named our core analytics software after Kaizen, the Japanese business philosophy, which means “change for better” or more commonly translated to “continuous improvement.” Whether applied to our business, culture, or any other facet of life, it is a simple but powerful mantra we live by.


Dyverse is passionate about developing quality products and adheres to a high level of standards for our services. Simple user experience and pixel perfect design is a core principle that has separated us from other competitors. Instead of fast growth and sales, we have built a foundation through high quality and effective solutions.

Our Team

Our team is the perfect blend of Myers-Briggs personality types, skills, talents, passions, experience, ages, ethnic identities, and sexual orientations. We take a lot of pride in our work, but it's our inclusive and out of the box culture that makes us Dyverse.

Join the team

John Todero

Founder & CEO

Tim Alford

Chief Technology Officer

Megan VanDerSnick

VP of Client Success

Stephanie Benzaquen

VP of Project Management

Sophia Napoles

Director of Account Strategy

Sarah Felton

Account Manager

Colin Crabtree

Account Manager

Priscilla Fernandez

Account Manager

Mitch Graffy

Senior Project Management Coordinator

Christian Mallardi

Accounting Director

Corey Fox

SEO Manager

Josh Alford

Backend Developer

Vivien Vo

UX/UI Designer

Everton Webb

Frontend Developer

Avi Kabir

Frontend Developer

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