Have you ever struggled coming up with and executing a solid content strategy that you feel would be appealing enough for your target audience?

In my personal opinion, the biggest challenge with content marketing is not developing the content consistently, it's finding the time to develop QUALITY content that actually provides value to your audience. To separate yourself from your competition and maintain a positive perception of your community, your goals should be tied to more than just the impressions and search engine rankings that your content will generate.

Your content marketing strategy goals should be aligned with creating content that is relevant and insightful to your audience. The content you publish should also be focused on how your posts will help to increase conversions. At the end of the day, more website visits and impressions are nice, but if your content does not result into more leads and leases than is it really worth the investment and effort?

If you're like me, you are very busy managing many things, which is why you might want to collaborate with an assistant, content marketing director or an agency to offload at least some aspects of the content development and planning process. In the early days of rolling out your content marketing strategy, you should still count on being involved in the process to make sure the content is as personal to your brand as possible. The good news is that you can develop a successful work flow to make creating quality content on a consistent basis manageable, and maybe one day it can even run without you!

So how can you start developing high quality and highly relevant content for your apartment community's target audience on a consistent basis? Here are some high level recommendations to help you get started.

1. Start with Product Updates

The easiest place to start would be having a process to consistently showcase your property and create informative blog posts and articles that highlight current offers, featured floor plans and anything else that is unique to your property that might be a differentiator. The best part of this type of content, is that it attracts high intent traffic that is interested in one of your current offers or property highlights. These type of posts can also easily be syndicated to your social media channels for more reach and conversions.

At Dyverse, we have developed an offering called Syndicate that focuses on these type of product centric posts, and pushes them to all of our client community's social channels. As an agency partner, it's much easier to focus on posting these type of updates in a quality and effective manner, over other types of content that might require more of a localized perspective.

2. Local Market and Community Level Updates

In addition to product and offer posts, having someone that is in touch with the local scene can be very beneficial in being able to create content that speaks directly to your potential residents needs, desires, and pain points. By delivering valuable and relevant information, you'll build trust and establish your property as the go-to choice in the market. This type of localized content also adds a very nice personal touch that can separate your brands voice and messaging from the competition.

Being able to pump out this type of content also helps with organic traffic generation from improved SEO rankings if you are able to strategically mix in niche keywords. If you are able to accomplish a balance of consistency and quality on a decent budget for this type of nuanced content, congratulations you have accomplished the holy grail of content marketing for your community!

3. High-Quality Visual Content

Utilize eye-catching images, videos, and virtual tours to showcase your properties in the most appealing way possible. Stunning visuals can captivate your audience, increase engagement, and ultimately drive more inquiries and bookings.

We believe using property photography and video assets to create high quality video content is the best option, but you should also plan to have resources for royalty free stock photography and illustrations to fill in the gaps for content topics where property photos are not the best match. If your property receives video assets such as virtual tours from a vendor, it would be a good idea to get as many variations as possible so that you can share videos consistently on different organic and paid media channels. There are also new AI tools worth checking out to help create video assets based off of your existing content and creative assets.

4. Social and Organic Media Syndication

If you're posting your content onto a website blog, follow that up by leveraging the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as your Google Business Profile to amplify your content reach. These type of free and organic media channels allow you to engage with your audience, share valuable insights, and encourage user-generated content to generate buzz and community loyalty.

The biggest benefit to sharing product and other news updates about your community on its social channels is the ability to generate additional impressions from a targeted audience, which overtime will lead to more conversions. You can even utilize boosted posts as a way to pay for a larger audience and increase reach even beyond your existing followers. There is also a lot of value to having social profiles full of rich content and updates to help sway an apartment shopper who is researching your community.

5. Email Marketing Campaigns

Build a strong database of potential renters and create targeted email campaigns to nurture leads, share property updates, and highlight special promotions. Personalized and well-timed emails can significantly increase conversion rates.

There are some great multifamily specific email management tools out there that can help automate the prospect list building and email communication process. One of our favorite solutions is from our friends at Hyly.

Remember, content marketing is not a one-time effort. Consistency and quality are key! By implementing these strategies, you'll attract more qualified leads and establish long-term relationships with your tenants.

Ready to take your digital advertising to new heights? Let's chat!

P.S. We are currently seeking pilots for our new organic media solution Syndicate. Contact us to learn more.

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Marketing Data & Analytics
Marketing Data & Analytics
Marketing Data & Analytics

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