We recently provided an update on where things stand with third-party cookies being eliminated and, thus, the importance of developing your own first-party customer databases.

Now that your first-party data management is handled through your CDP, how can you use these first-party customer lists to drive more traffic by utilizing automation through digital advertising? Here’s what you need to know.

Adding Audience Lists to Google Ads

One of the most interesting potential benefits of building your first-party lists is utilizing the AI and automation technology that Google Ads has developed. To start testing your first-party lists' uses and potential value, you can insert audience streams into Google Ads, albeit with some caveats.


One of the biggest challenges Dyverse has come across so far that has limited the potential value of first-party lists in Google Ads is the list size requirements for each Google Ads campaign type. These list size requirements are in place due to privacy rules. With most individual apartment rental communities, the active prospect lists are usually smaller than required to utilize automated bidding and audience targeting with Google Ads. This means a list created from a website remarketing tag that can meet size requirements is currently more helpful than a customer list. Still, those remarketing list sizes could get smaller once more third-party cookies stop being able to be tracked

One way to get around the list size limitations is by combining customer lists from multiple communities in the same area. However, this strategy is not available to every community if they do not have any sister communities nearby.


Once your list sizes are large enough to meet the requirements, Google can utilize its machine learning technology by using your lists as signals to improve bidding and to determine additional audiences that would likely convert. In addition to expanding your audiences, you can exclude your resident lists from being served ads. You can also view reporting that shows how your first-party audience list members perform compared to the rest of the campaign's audience.


Although there are limitations currently, that does not mean you should not still be actively developing your first-party audience list processes, as it is highly likely these challenges will be resolved by Google and other major digital advertising platforms over time. In addition to using your first-party lists for digital advertising, you can still utilize your first-party data for email campaigns and other direct outreach marketing.

We will continue to monitor Google's advancements in AI and automation and how you can best utilize your first-party audience lists to improve advertising performance. We’re always here to help. If you have any questions or want a demo, reach out today.

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